The player in the normal 'looping' state (some firmware has a smoother loop with the Sync function on). 

How-to sync video with your DullTech™ players, in just 3 easy steps!

(With the sync function switched off, the player will loop the first video it finds on the USB key)

The player can be set to master or slave mode.

1. Switch one of the players to 'master' mode. The player will control all the players set to 'slave'.

As soon as the video on the 'master' player loops, all 'slave' players will also start their video again, to be in sync. If a 'slave' player ends its video first, it will show black until the 'master' starts its video again. This means the longest video should be playing on the 'master' player. If you need something else to show on the 'slave'  players it has to be in the video. We advise to use videos of the same length on each player, with the same frame and bit rate. H264 in MP4 is recommended, with a maximum bitrate of 60Mbps, a full list of supported formats can be found here

The sync function can be switched on or off.

2. Make sure the 'sync' function is switched on, on all the players that need to sync.

The player automatically chooses a display setting, to make sure they all play on the same on different monitors (better syncing) use the remote to change these settings in the menu.

The players can be set to 4 different sync channels, just like a walkie talkie!

3. Make sure all the players are set to the same channel.  

If you want to sync another group of players in the same venue, just choose another channel. You can sync on 4 channels, with one 'master' and unlimited 'slave' players. The players can only sync within reach of the radio signal, about 50-100 meters inside.



*The player selects the first video it finds in the file system (alphabetically and numerically). The players work with all standard USB keys (FAT32, holding files up to 4gig), or NFTS (without that limitation, easily formatted on a pc). Want to format NFTS on a Mac computer? There are some solutions available online.

**updating the firmware can be done by downloading the most recent firmware here, copying it to a cleanly formatted (FAT32) USB key and updating from the menu with the remote control.