Is this a real product, and does it really work?

Yes, and yes, it actually works, and we've gotten great feedback!
It plays the first file it recognises on the USB key, loops it and can sync easily : ) 


Does it loop without any logo, black or interference?

Yes it does! Absolutely no loading signs, branding, or anything inbetween!

We take 2 frames from the end to make a good loop. If you need to have the loop frame perfect, add 2 frames to the video : )


How is it an artwork?

When you are not playing a video, and you leave the player on, a custom art work will play on the DullTech™ player! You can read more about it in our collected press.

We see the entire company as an artwork actually, kinda relational aesthetics with awkward self aware neoliberal mannerisms.


Can I use my new / old monitor or projector?

Absolutely! It was made to use all kinds of screens and projectors, VGA, analogue video, HDMI they are all supported! You can even use your old CRT monitor : )


How many players can be synced?

As many as you want! As long as they are in the same room and within 100 meters distance of the master DullTech™ player.


Do I need a separate player for each video i want to sync?

Yes, or use the other ports on the device (VGA & RCA).


Can I have more sets of DullTech™ players syncing in one room?

Yes! There can be up to 4 DullTech™ master players in one room! This is why the big channel dial is on the front. Its like a walky talky!


 What is the best setting for syncing?

The DullTech™ player can sync many types of video automagically. For the best results we recommend to use the same settings (frame and data rate) for each screen, using Mpeg1, Mpeg2, or MOV (with H264 as compression) on a freshly formatted FAT32 or NFTS USB key (like the one you got with the player!)

You can use the remote to set all the players to the same output setting if needed.


 I'm assuming my files will be over 4 gigs. Will I need a Windows computer to format the key in NTFS? What about FAT32?

NTFS can be read and formatted on a Mac, with some help of software and an easy online tutorial. A windows computer would be the fastest option. The FAT32 USB key that comes with the player will not be able to hold any files over 4gig sadly. H264 will create small files though!


Can it play 1920 x 1080 24p? Progressive? Would you say that an .mov or .mp4 file compressed with h264 will give me the best image quality? Any recommendations??

Yes it does play full HD progressive, and h264 is our recommendation. Syncing works best with Mpeg1, 20Mbps and CBR (constant bitrate). The player can play many many forms of video though! The full specs are here.


Can I make a playlist, or select files?

We made the player loop the first file it finds, without having to select it, or make a playlist. It always just loops that file.. So if you need to play multiple video's they need to be compiled to a single video first!


Is there a separate sound output?

Yes! Besides HDMI (with sound) and VGA, the full RCA spectrum is available, yellow for video, and red and white for audio. And all ports play at the same time.
Which means stereo sound is available simultaneously.

If you are syncing video, please use separate audio tracks, or consider using a single player as audio source. Its virtually impossible to sync wireless sound!


Is there any risk of interference with cell phones or other wireless devices once the piece is installed?

Not that we know of. The sync signal works on 233Mhz and should not have too much interference. If you are noticing issues please let us know.


Help, its not working! What should i do?

We did all we can to make your experience as dull as possible, we promise! 

So its most likely a simple problem, like updating the newest firmware to all players. The most recent firmware can be downloaded here!
1. Just put it on a newly formatted FAT32 USB key (like the one you got with the player!) and stick it in the player. 2. Open the menu with the remote, and update! (make sure there's no other players around that are switched on wanting to sync..) **Please remember to wait patiently till it's finished updating! 3. The player boots, and you are done!

If the firmware update doesn't help it might be your set up, please check: 
  • If your file complies with these specs.
  • Is the antenna properly connected?
  • Are the players in the same room? Not more than 80 meters apart?
  • Start the Master player first, and the slave player 10 seconds later. They should be in sync within 20 seconds.
  • Is the video output (set with the remote) set the same on all players?
  • Press the 'status' button on the remote controle, and the screens should read:



  • Make sure the bitrate is similar when syncing and under 50Mbps. (syncing works best with lower bitrates like 20Mbps)
  • Mpeg1 or Mpeg2 with a constant bitrate, CBR, works best!
  • Are you sure its HD (1920 x 1080?)
  • Can you check with other USB keys, freshly formatted with a single video file : )
  • Is the frame rate in the video the same? (including keyframes)
  • If you checked all these things, you can send us your files through a file transfer service (dropsend works in China ; ) so we can check what the problem might be. 


What do I need the remote for?

Nothing really : ) The dull player works well without it! 

Only if u want to update the firmware (see question above) or change output settings on a monitor if the screen does not request the right output.